A simple and reliable
reporting app

Akida makes it easy to know where your mobile team is, to send and receive messages from them and to collect real-time accurate data from the field.

Mobile app for Android™, iPhone® and iPad®


Know where your team is, up to the minute

Akida accurately locates your team on a map and provides you with real-time updates on their movements so you don’t have to guess where they are working from.

GPS history allows you to backtrack in time, making Akida essential for post-incident analysis and attendance management. It also allows communication directly to your mobile team to ensure ongoing support from the team at head office.

Collect accurate data, online or offline

Akida’s advanced reporting interface is capable of handling complex mobile reports such as loops, filters and skips. Also, you can capture signatures, take photos and record voice messages to submit alongside other report details.

With Akida, reports send even on a slow connection. If there is no signal available, the reports store on your phone and automatically send as soon as a connection is re-established.

Simple, reliable messaging

Akida is a fantastic tool for multi-directional communication. You can send and keep a record of important messages to individuals, specific teams or the entire field team from anywhere in the world. Akida uses your Internet connection to send and receive the messages.

Akida also provides you with an option to receive SMS and email notifications for messages or reports that need urgent attention to and from your team.

Manage and secure your data

Use the Akida web portal to manage user data, build and assign reporting tools, send and receive messages and view reports and dashboards.

The portal is hosted with reliable, scalable and secure Microsoft Azure and every necessary measure taken to ensure the safety of the system and our customers' data.

All the communication between the mobile devices, the servers and the Web browsers is SSL encrypted, and data is mirrored by more than 1 server.

Track performance in real time

We’ll help you instantly know when your projects, products or team need your attention with live Power Bi Dashboards from any of the data you collect using Akida.

We’ll produce beautiful reports, then publish them for your organisation to consume on Akida web portal and across mobile devices.

Case Studies

Our customers span across diverse industries in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Ghana and Nigeria. Akida offers simple and reliable reporting, available on phones and tablets all over the world.

EXP Agency

Experiential Marketing

EXP uses Akida to monitor, evaluate and analyze activations and to carry out brand audits and retail outlets mapping.


Manned Guarding

Hipora uses Akida to confirm timely attendance of their security guards and to gather real-time patrols, handovers and incident reports.

Fedha Management

Property Management

Fedha uses Akida to receive tenant complaints, manage tasks and measure performance of their maintenance team.

Toyota Kenya

Motor Vehicle Distributor

Toyota Kenya's sales team uses Akida to register their prospects, schedule follow-ups and record orders from customers.

Enjoy simple and reliable reporting in minutes!

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