This platform is mostly used by the administrator. He/she has access to the entire system and can assign privileges to authorized users.

Home Dashboard

This allows you have an overview of daily activities in terms of how many people have checked in, how many have not, how many reports you have received, and how many completed surveys have been filled; as well as navigate through the other modules in the system.

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Project Dashboard

This gives you access to an overview of the levels of activity on your projects including responses, locations and images submitted with such. You will only be able to see the projects that you have been assigned under the Project Manager.

User Profiles

In order to login into the system; both mobile and web, each user will require to have an account. The administrator has the ability to add and manage user accounts under this module.

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Project Manager

This is where an administrator can create new projects and/or manage the ones in existence. He/she can also create surveys for the projects on this page and assign them to the people who are to fill them.


Integrated with power BI, we provide analytics for data collected in surveys.

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This is what all mobile employees will use to communicate with the web platform.

Check In and Clock In

It allows field workers to check in from their diverse locations using their photos. The photo carries the location & date/time info which is used to update their attendance in organizations where employees are paid for the days worked or just to keep track of their movements across assigned locations.

The Clock In feature complements Check In where a photo may not be required but there is still need to keep track of reporting time and time spent in a certain location.

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Allows users to access assigned questionnaires and complete as required. They can attach photos and recorded audios related to a specific questionnaire.


Allows for general reporting on anything the staff might find of importance that may not be directly related to their assigned duties but might have effect on their operations e.g. car breakdowns, training requests etc. It allows for capture of relevant images.

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This is a messaging feature connecting the web platform administrator and mobile app users that allows for easy communication of key information such as training or warnings either to a selected group or to all users. It also allows you to sync all data entered while offline.


Allows for syncing offline records i.e checkin, surveys,clockins and reports

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